Serious volunteering: AmeriCorps, interns, service-learning students in nonprofits

I’m a guest blogger over at NPTalk, where I discuss using “heavy-duty volunteers” like AmeriCorps VISTAs, interns and service-learning students in nonprofits. Here’s an excerpt, and please click over and check it out!

When you think volunteer, you may picture someone with paintbrush in hand, tackling a one-day service project; or a tutor, reading to kids on weekends. Volunteerism is quickly breaking out of those chains! Corporate volunteering is moving to the front burner with the gain of buzzwords like corporate social responsibility, students are expected to have volunteer experience to get into college, and LinkedIn has recognized the importance of volunteering with its new sections.

Several types of “heavy-duty” volunteers can help jump-start a project or meet a looming deadline when you’re short-staffed and cash-strapped.

Here’s a rundown of three of them… [continued at]

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