Think big. No, bigger.

In a dramatic shift, I suddenly have some free time on my hands. Although I instinctively hate this and would much rather be busy working, I’m trying to take the opportunity to let some ideas bloom.

Mostly I’ve been thinking about what kind of work would be most fulfilling for me. I’m still in the brainstorming phases here, but I definitely want to work in a collaborative environment where people care about what they’re doing (read: I don’t want to work from home). And I’ve realized that creating — whether it’s crafting an article or designing a page — is super important to me. On a larger level, I care about the economy, poverty, politics, social issues and much much more. Of course, I’ve been training for years to follow my dream career path, but I’m not sure how it will really fit together in the puzzle of my life. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep my mind open to all the possibilities.

I love this video from TED, in which this very talented designer discusses the value of time off. It’s a poignant reminder never to be satisfied with the status quo. Enjoy.


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