Photos and flowers

I still have much more to learn, but one thing in particular I’ve been excited to get to practice recently is photography. Just learning how to control my camera manually and a bit about composition has made a huge difference in my photographs. So instead of blabbering on, I want to show this photo essay that I worked on for my photojournalism final.

It’s a profile on a Long Beach business: Flowers on 7th. The place caught my attention because for months, I drove by it and the sign proclaimed “JUST MARRIED: MATTHEW AND LINA.” (Those caps aren’t for added emphasis- that’s really what it said.) I figured the shop closed down for good. Then one day, the sign had changed! It said “NEW OWNERS: MATTHEW AND LINA.” I thought it was a fluke– maybe they hadn’t changed the bottom part of the sign yet. Alas, I called, and a few days later, I stopped by the shop to meet those famous newlyweds.

That’s Matthew. He and his wife, Lina, took over the business about two months ago. They had known the previous owner (hence the sign). They’re a very sweet young couple with two kids, trying to make a go of it in this small business.  I stopped in again on Mother’s Day and took some more shots as they dealt with the holiday flower madness.

Cheers to the Matthews and Linas of the world, taking a chance on opening up a small business against the odds.


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