Riding the roller coaster of life

Today was more drama-filled than an episode of Glee.

There was public insult (slushie in the face-like) and public praise, disappointment and pride.

One of today’s low points: I arrived to campus to find that paper that I was so excited about last night wasn’t printed. Nope, the printer messed up and printed the old pages. So all that breaking news effort seemed to be for nothing. The printer apologized, though, and printed a new version. The staff helped distribute it in the midday, scorching heat:

Brittany (Diversions editor) and Kasia (assistant city editor) distribute the Daily 49er.
Stefan (photo editor) reacts... lovely..

Luckily, I have them to help me see the silver lining. They rock.
And a high point: I got the news that I won first place in our four-state region for the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award for General News Reporting. UC Berkeley took the 2nd and 3rd-place spots, so it’s a big deal for Cal State Long Beach. It just goes to show that if you’ve got a notebook, a working phone, dedication and loads of tenacity, you can be an effective journalist; a good editor helps, too.

I could go on about the highs and lows. A golf cart, campus rivalry and scatter plots were involved; I won’t bore you.

In journalism, and I’m sure in leadership in general, you really never know what crisis will meet you when you walk in the door of your office in the morning.

But I’m finally home at the end of it, thankful that I actually carved out two hours to do laundry, hoping my sore throat doesn’t turn into a cold and writing while my body begs for sleep. It’s been about 13 weeks of working 10-13 hour days, six-seven days a week, while attempting to squeeze in 16 units of course credit. I’ve got finals and final projects looming over me. Plus, I’m still not sure what I’m going to be doing after graduation in, oh, three weeks.  (Although a week or two in Costa Rica reading novels and doing yoga on the beach sounds pretty perfect right now.)

It’s been a roller coaster.

You always hear about how people who live to be 100 have that special knack for bouncing back from stress and adversity, from not taking themselves too seriously.

I’m trying. I keep my head up and keep walking in that door every morning.

And here’s the best advice I got today: What to do when you’re on a roller coaster? Put your arms up and relax.

flickr user toofarnorth


One thought on “Riding the roller coaster of life

  1. Dear Alex,
    I love your blog. It is interesting, well written and I feel enriched by reading it. Thanks for posting it.

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