Inspiration, structure & overcoming ‘blogger’s block’

Blogging on a regular basis proves difficult. I’d whine about how busy I am, but it’s really not about that.

I get tripped up in the idea that I have to have a mind-blowing original thought any time I sit down to write. Naturally, since I’m not superhuman, this attitude does not produce very prolific results. (Perfect is the enemy of good, right?) So I’ve decided to take inspiration from a couple of my favorite bloggers to change the way I blog.

Erik Shveima visited my design class a few weeks ago. Every single day in 2011, he’s drawing an interpretation of each day’s LA Times front page. I love this, of course, because I also adore “this quaint, old-timey news and coupon delivery system,” as Erik puts it, so I love that his muse is the newspaper, but I’m also impressed by the dedication present. Erik works full-time and has a new baby, but he still puts an hour or more per day aside for this project. And having a subject, it seems, eliminates the struggle I mentioned earlier.

Erik Shveima's LA Times-lovin' project-

I also adore my friend Amy Hood’s blog. Amy– who I got the chance to work with at the OC Gazette– writes about artists that inspire her, design, music, tattoos and fashion. She has great wit and fabulous style, and she blogs with inspiring dedication. Oh yeah, she’s also freakin’ adorable.

The adorable, creative Amy Hood-

No doubt, countless other bloggers follow similar patterns, but I love the ideas of these two. So I am currently working on a short list of topics to use as categories. The idea will be to choose a category and blog from it daily or semi-daily. I also need to get better at networking in the blogosphere, which I really haven’t started yet.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how I can be a better blogger? Send them my way!

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