Sources say it best

As the editor of a university newspaper, I do an awful lot of reading through the week. I try to make sure things go smoothly, the readers are served, the facts are checked, no one kills each other in the newsroom, there are no typos in headlines and the like. There are tons of quotes that go into the newspaper each week, but a few particularly awesome ones stuck out over the past few days. Here they are:

“I’ve been pounding Rockstar energy drinks just so I can just keep going. There has not been a moment to rest since I got here and I don’t want to miss out on anything.”

The great thing about this quote is the context. This is from a story on a Jewish cultural festival. Where I expected speakers, panels and the like, the writer documented tons of dancing, free energy drinks and wine and even people “pre-gaming” by swilling booze in their cars. This quote was from Melissa Behramann, a student visiting from Cal State Northridge.

“I listen to a Broadway show to make sure I’m full of beans.Once at the game, I start listening to Metallica to get myself pumped up.”

This just says it all. Daniel Abarca apparently is full of beans, since last weekend he won his second first-place prize at the United Spirit Association National Championship. He is the student behind the school mascot, Prospector Pete. I bet you never knew there was a mascot championship! I loved this story because the writer, Alex Hernandez, included a slide show with audio from Pete (Daniel) himself.

“You’ve been good to me.”

This, my favorite quote of the week, may just prove that cops have a sense of humor after all. From the police blotter, here’s the full story:

“A residential adviser called the University Police to report a marijuana complaint in Parkside Commons on Feb. 24 at 12:05 a.m., Willey said. When police arrived, they made contact with a 19-year-old woman who admitted to having possession of marijuana. She allowed police to look through her purse, where they found an orange fish-shaped smoking device. Before the woman gave the smoking device to police officers, the woman kissed it and said, ‘you’ve been good to me.’ The woman was both cited and judicially cited for possession of marijuana.”

There you have it, folks. Happy Friday :)


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