Wisdom teeth and what Santa brought

After a week of painful exams and research papers, the semester ended abruptly and with little fanfare. I am, however, happy to report I survived my economics classes surprisingly well. The next week, all four of my wisdom teeth were unceremoniously yanked in a hurry since my dental insurance ran out at the end of the year. It’s amazing how quickly minor surgery and 3 days of Netflix and peanut butter smoothies can relax a person! Seriously, doing nothing was something I never would have done otherwise (ha), and it was a great idea!

I spent the next week in the holiday madness; my dad remarried last year, so it was a new-family adjustment. Luckily, I no longer live at home so it’s not a huge transition, but different nonetheless. The good news: Santa* brought me exactly what I wanted! It’s this little beauty:

I am pretty sure this is:
1. a super handy tool for recording interviews and lectures, and
2. my ticket to a job at NPR**.

I’m taking a radio production class next semester with Nick Roman of KPCC, and it’s going to be a struggle to hide my hugely geeky fandom. I’m so excited to start putting audio stories together!

Santa*** also brought these little gems, a serious step up from my MacBook Pro speakers.

That’s enough geeking out for the night, I suppose. I’m headed to Austin this week to visit some friends and soak in some of the city’s awesome food, music and nightlife.

Happy New Year!


* my dad

** I shoot for the stars.

*** my boyfriend


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