Update: What happened to summer?

The summer flew by, but although I had very little time to update, tons happened:

• I completed a summer internship at the Press-Telegram, Long Beach’s daily newspaper. Almost 30 of my stories were published there, and I got to know the paper’s incredible reporters. It was humbling, inspiring and great practice, and I loved the daily buzz of the newsroom.

• I moved. Of course, this was a giant pain and source of stress. However, I’m now in a bigger apartment in a cooler neighborhood.

• I’ve been working with the college newspaper as an assistant city editor. I’m leading a team that works on the student government beat. I recently finished a big news project that included surveying all of the Cal State University campuses to see how much their student government leaders were paid (I had help making those calls, call-backs and double-checks, thank goodness). It was definitely a step up from the normal story: instead of a few hours or days, we worked on it for almost a month.

The radio editor Jenna also put together a short piece on the story. It’s not too fancy, but it was my first time recording my voice, so I’m considering it a first step toward NPR. I hope to collaborate with Jenna to do more news radio pieces in the coming months. I’m also learning about natural sound, sound bites, etc. in a broadcast class. Check it out!

• I’ve also updated the ‘news’ and ‘features’ sections with recent clips from the Press-Telegram and the Daily 49er.

• Oh yeah, and the semester started. The classes in my minor (economics) are challenging (calculus?!) but so far, so good. I also filed for graduation- huzzah!

Til next time.


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