Save the Last Wild Mountain

My friend Oakley has been working on a documentary for three years. Since she graduated college, she’s forgone having a “real job” in order to stay up late writing grants and travel the country collecting oral histories from old-school rock climbers. She decided not to wait to get rich or hit it big in Hollywood, but to make the film she wanted to make on her own, now. The Last Wild Mountain will be the film she’s dreamed of making since she was a kid and her dad told her his own crazy rock-climbing stories.

I had an incredible conversation with Oaks in preparation for a piece for the OC Gazette I wrote a few months back, and really came to understand and believe in what she’s doing. Oakley and her crew have captured the history of a group of American rock climbers– a weird, countercultural, and brave story. Now Oakley and her film’s producer, Alex, are trying to raise a little cash to finish putting the film together. It’s truly a labor of love for them and I think Oakley has a great talent- I can’t wait to see it all put together!

If you’d like to help, you can donate via their web site (the doc is a registered nonprofit) or you can buy a t-shirt lovingly screen-printed in Oakley’s tiny kitchen. Here’s a video she just made to convince you!


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