A Saturday in May

Long Beach Spring, a Journaling Exercise:

Today is a Saturday in May, and at six in the evening the shadows are starting to lengthen; it’s 71 degrees outside, and clear blue. It’s Pride weekend, and all the women are out at the store with their girlfriends and gay best friends, buying extra-large bottles of white wine. People wait for the bus. The hipsters on 4th Street are getting their bikes repaired, and the 60-something blonde woman with the blue apron rings up donated sweaters and blouses at the Assistance League Thrift Shop. A young couple crosses Broadway with their son; one of them holds the Big Wheel, the other the kid with his helmet on; they walk briskly. Two blonde women in their 30s hold hands and walk down the street, past the coin-op car wash where you can wash your car for $1 if you’re quick enough. The wild Quaker parrots are squawking through Belmont Shore, down the street from the wild bars of 2nd Street where the sign at Panama Joe’s proclaims “IT’S COLLEGE NIGHT.” It is two days before final exams at the university. It is the perfect time and day to eat a wedge of soft cheese and open a bottle of California cabernet with a screw-top, and write a little, while outside women in white shorts and skirts walk toward fancy Italian dinners, and drinks with friends, and dancing downtown, in red heels that aren’t made for walking.

OK, I’ve been lackadaisical in my blogging. I’ve been working, and going to class, and doing calculus, and, and…! Well, finals are this week, and I am hereby promising to write and update more often now that summer’s ’round the corner, smiling mischievously..


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